North Cobb~Harrison NJROTC

   A Distinguished Unit w/Academic Honors 9 Yrs Running & 2016-17 Area-12's "Best All-Around" Unit

Cadets that wish to have pictures uploaded to the website or a picture they like please email them to PAO, c/LTJG Rachel Mejias and c/ENS Nathaniel Berry at . These pictures may also be used in the end of the year video.

2019-2020 School Year Albums

A12 Drill championship Here

Military Ball Photos 2020 Here

yearbook Here

Santa Parade Here

Sprayberry Drill Meet Here

AMI 2019 Here

Freshman Orientation Here

Awards Night Here

North Cobb HS Honors Night Here

Military Ball 2019 Pictures Here

Drill Nationals Here

Orienteering Nationals Here

2018-2019 School Year Albums

Luella Drill Meet 2018 Here
AMI 2018 Here
War Hawk Henry County Drill Fun Meet 2018 Here
Welcome Aboard Picnic 2018 Here
Freshman Orientation 2018 Here
Leadership Academy 2018 Here
Awards Ceremony 2018 Here
Drill Nationals Click Here
Military Ball Click Here
Area 12 Drill Meet Click Here

2017-2018 School Year Albums 
Luella Drill Meet Click Here
Freshman Orientation 2017 Click Here

2016-2017 School Year Albums

Freshman Orientation 2016-

2016 CMP Rifle Camp-

2016-2017 Football Games-

2016-2017 HHS Football Games-

2016 Welcome Aboard Picnic-

2016-2017 Miscellaneous-

2016-2017 AMI-

2016-2017 Homecoming Parade-

2016-2017 Shoe Shining "Parties"- 

2016 Luella Sanctioned Drill Meet-

Marine Corps 241st Birthday-

2016 Veterans Day Ceremony-

2014-2016 School Year Albums


2016 Area-12 Drill Championship hosted by Coffee High School in Douglas County, GA. To watch, Click here.

2015 Brain Brawl News Clip-

2014 Annual Military Inspection Video Clip-