North Cobb~Harrison NJROTC

   A Distinguished Unit w/Academic Honors 15 Yrs Running & 2016-17 Area-12's "Best All-Around" Unit

Team Commanders

Drill Team Commander: c/LTJG Gray, Domingo

Color Guard Commander: c/LCDR Anderson, Jaylen

Drill Team Information

The Armed Drill Team is broken up into two teams consisting of an Armed Exhibition Team and an Armed Basic team. These armed teams practice and perform marching movements with rifles. Armed Exhibition Team makes up their own movements and routines while Armed Basic Team practices and performs basic marching movements. Unarmed Drill Team consists of two teams as well, an Unarmed Exhibition Team and an Unarmed Basic Team. They are almost the same as Armed Exhibition and Armed Basic except the unarmed teams will not have rifles or any other weapons. 

Color Guard Information

Color guard is a group of elite cadets that go out into the community and present the American Flag at ceremonies, events, special occasions, etc.