North Cobb~Harrison NJROTC

   A Distinguished Unit w/Academic Honors 8 Yrs Running & 2016-17 Area-12's "Best All-Around" Unit

Cadets that wish to have pictures uploaded to the website please email them to PAO, c/LTJG Mahmoud Abusaid at [email protected] . These pictures may also be used in the end of the year slide show.

2017-2018 School Year Albums

Freshman Orientation 2017 Click Here

2016-2017 School Year Albums

Freshman Orientation 2016-

2016 CMP Rifle Camp-

2016-2017 Football Games-

2016-2017 HHS Football Games-

2016 Welcome Aboard Picnic-

2016-2017 Miscellaneous-

2016-2017 AMI-

2016-2017 Homecoming Parade-

2016-2017 Shoe Shining "Parties"- 

2016 Luella Sanctioned Drill Meet-

Marine Corps 241st Birthday-

2016 Veterans Day Ceremony-

2014-2016 School Year Albums


2016 Area-12 Drill Championship hosted by Coffee High School in Douglas County, GA. To watch, Click here.

2015 Brain Brawl News Clip-

2014 Annual Military Inspection Video Clip-